I'm so happy I found this thread. I have what some people call a four square but it's not really. I was built in 1936 but I found that it actually seems to be an Aladdin - Standard 1916. This link shows essentially the floor plan of my house execept I have a few differences. http://www.antiquehome.org/House-Pla...n/Standard.htm

It's basically a foursquare without the fourth room. Anyway I'm trying to find either pics or detailed floor plans because the entrance between my living room and dining room is huge which seems a little strange for the time. I'm trying to determine if there were built ins there at one point. Also, right now my house has the small porch (smaller than the one pictured in the link) and would actually like to know if there actually should have been a full porch.

Like everyone else, it's virtually impossible to find any real information. I also want to bring it back to original as much as possible.