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    Default HELP-Mahogany porch floor--finish how???

    We just had delivered 400sq ft of mahogany porch flooring (tongue/groove) and my hubby is totally confussed!

    1. Paint or stain--which is better?

    2. IF stain (we are favoring that) do we leave the bottom un-stained (to let it breathe?) and DO WE COVER the tongue/groove side?

    3. WILL it turn black from sunlight if we stain/waterproof it? It's mostly in the shade of two huge pine trees.

    What would you do to ready it for laying down on the porch and what about what type of fasteners (anything special?).

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    Default Re: HELP-Mahogany porch floor--finish how???

    We only use Ben Moore alkyd porch and deck paint. If you want a first-class job, you will back-paint the underside and the tongues and grooves first, install the flooring (stainless #8 ring-shank blind nailing through the tongues. you might have to pre-drill if you start to split a lot of tongues; some mahogany is harder than other) then have the floor sanded so it's seamlessly level with no proud corners- that's where the wear will start, at a sharp edge. Then after sanding, you paint the top surface 2 or 3 coats. The Moore paint has to be applied thin on the second & third coats as it tends to pool and then wrinkle.
    Good luck, it makes a great porch floor and our customers are always satisfied with it.
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