Ok, I have a problem that started a few months ago. I have 1/2" galvanized piping and had to replace an outside faucet. I removed the galvanized and spliced in 3/4" copper at a Tee connection. In the process I think I knocked some grit loose in the main run which makes it's way to the kitchen sink. Now I have very low pressure there. I am guessing there is debris between my under sink shut-off and the end. The faucet is a delta pull out which I tried cleaning/blowing out w/compressor and no luck. I am getting a replacement pullout/hose and hopefully that will solve it. I also removed the hot/cold handle to the top of the mixing valve and not seen anything, I have not checked the PEX from the shut-off to the mixing valve because the pressure reduction is same when the handle is only hot, only cold.

I am trying to find out about undersink filters to prevent this again. Since I have a fridge water I do not want one of those which is purely for drinking, mainly just a sediment filter. What I am afraid of is that with a filter there, the sink pressure will significantly reduce the pressure making and negating the fix.

PS The fridge water has not had any noticable difference. I am guessing that filter caught the stuff (need to replace).

Thanks for the help.