Really like your show and have learned many new techniques and 'how to' ideas. Generally, I have been able to do most remodeling projects (I know my limits, did not try HVAC) but this one may have me. House was built in the 1950s, Phoenix, AZ. Replacing custom fit windows, the windows are inserted into the framed openings before the sump block were placed. There is no header, king studs or any of the classic framing in place. There is also no trim work on the inside. All four-sides are lathe and plaster right up to the window edging. There is only a steel plate over the top of the window to support the sump block overhead. This effectively traps the window in place. The windows are of heavy gauge metal constructions, which are opened using a window crank, they swing out. When one opens the window, one can see that the window is just nailed into the block, nothing else. I can frame out a window in wood, but will this project require special tools and skills? If I have to contract this out, what must I look out for to insure the contractor knows what he or she is doing and that the contractor is not buffaloing me? Thanks for your time and help on this matter since it is somewhat perplexing at this time.