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    Cool Re: Leaking shut off valve

    Quote Originally Posted by murphmgh View Post
    thats correct,no 5/8 compression on the stub out,this rule has been around for at least a decade,just because the box stores sell them dont make em legal,not that i dont see them being used but its usually a home owner that isnt comfy soldering,not a union thing either,im not but still take pride in what i do
    So is this a state regulation? Also what Plumbing code do you abide by? Sice Pex is so popular do they alow this type of tubing?
    Just curious.

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    Default Re: Leaking shut off valve..

    are you saying the shutoff is soldered on both sides???i may have read you wrong,that would be a 1st for me,i'd go for the repack if you got summin funky like that..i,d be surprised if its as you state,i agree w/spruce i pic will help

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    Default Re: Leaking shut off valve

    Sounds like it's some kind of inline device rather than a stub out. Around here I still see a lot of saddle valves used.
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