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    Default Pinhole in galvanized pipe

    Yesterday I noticed a leak coming from the cold water supply of my water heater. It was spraying a fine mist from where the flex connector met the galvanized nipple. So I replaced the rubber washer in the flex connector, but that didn't work. I then noticed a pinhole in the nipple where the threads were.

    Normally I wouldn't think too much of this, but it's a fairly new nipple. This is one of the things I replaced when I put in a new water heater 2 year ago (1/16/07). The other things I replaced include some other 30 yr old galvanized pipe, a new ball valve, and the flex connectors (they're the black cloth(??) braided type).

    If it helps, the ball valve connects to the nipple then to the flex connector. The ball valve and nipple are horizontal and the pinhole developed on the uppermost part of the nipple, right where the flex connector stopped screwing on. Looking from the inside, the hole is cone shaped. There is no visible sign of galvanic action or corrosion.

    So my question is, should this have happened on such a new pipe, or is it a defective part? Seems kind of odd because of the place on the nipple that it happened. Coincidence or is there something else going on here ... or am I just being paranoid.

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    Default Re: Pinhole in galvanized pipe

    Although acidic water can eat through Galv. pipe pretty fast, I suspect you just got a defective nipple. I personally never use Galv. nipples, I always use brass or plastic depending on the plumbing..
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    Default Re: Pinhole in galvanized pipe

    I definatly agree with JLMcdaniel. Had to be a defective piece of pipe.

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