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    Default help painting concrete

    I just recently painted some old concrete we have out our back door dark brown. I used concrete paint, but it is now showing every pawprint of my dog and lots of other dust. Is this just due to my color choice? I am wondering if I repaint it if there is a way to seal it so it doesn't show the dust. Light Grey would not look good with out house...We don't want to put a lot of money into this right now, so that's why we painted it! Thanks!

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    Default Re: help painting concrete

    Sealing the paint????? would have the same result likely. Dark colors show dirt and dust. Instead of dirty paint, you will have dirty sealed paint. A non gloss finish will certainly curtail the appearance of the grime but it is still there. I suggest staining concrete with an acid stain or creating that same look with another type of stain like tru tint. The uneven, mottled look does well in hiding dirt and grime. That is why it is very common in many commercial locations like bars and restaurants. The floors look cool but hide alot of muck.
    Though I digress, for your small project, you are probably changing to a lighter color and calling it a day.

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