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    Default Plumbing of condensate line

    I have a heating/ac unit in my second story attic. The condensate line is plumbed directly into one of the vent stacks. I am getting some 'sewer gas' odor on that level when the heat kicks on and guessing that the fan is pulling through the condensate line from the vent pipe since there is no water in the line. How are these lines normally handled on a multi level house? Should I install a trap in the line or should it not even be put into the vent line? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Plumbing of condensate line

    Per code it is not supposed to tie into a vent line. YOU can however tie into the drain with a p-trap. I personally always run an indirect drain. A line that runs down to the basement and run over to a floor drain. In your case I would just put in a p-trap, since your home is already finished. You might have to fill it with water ocasionally in the winter since the dry heat evaporates the trap seal.

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