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    Default Re-doing stairs.

    I'm thinking of re-doing the steps to my basement. I've seen a few home repair shows that talk about pre-finished stairs, so you tear out the old ones, and nail new ones in. Any advice on brands or the process?

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    Default Re: Re-doing stairs.

    If you just leave the existing stair stringers in place, tear off the treads. I assume the existing treads are 2x material. Install 1x treads on the stringers and then install the new treads and risers on that.On the 1x materials, I'd use screws toanchor them. I've even used some liquid nails between the finish stair treads and the sub-layer. You want to eliminate the chance for squeaks as much as possible.

    Do a Google search on the Internet, for stair treads. There are several brands out there from name brands like Bruce and some no-names too that may be just fine. I would think that flooring companies near you would carry these things or could order them for you.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Re-doing stairs.

    If you are talking about pre assembled units you must also consider being able to get it into the house.
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