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    We have black slate table top that has some unknown stains. How can we remove the stains?

    Thank you,

    Bob Luke

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    Try experimenting with various poultice remedies. Different poultice remedies work for different types of stains (like oil based or a rust ring from the surface). If its a mineral oxide from the slate like iron rust from the slab or tile itself not much you can do.

    If your slate is sealed makes a difference as to how you'd approach the project. Also if you've got oil or wax on top. If you have tiles not a slab could be the grout or glue. Not usually a good idea to mess with muratic acid on tile top but on a removable slab top sometimes a remedy of last resort especially if mineral/salts stain.

    P.S. I probably should have also asked you if you have honed (ground or polished smooth) slate or cleft top.
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    I wouldn't start " Try experimenting with various poultice remedies." you may find that different things will actually chemically etch the surface and make matters worse. I would recommend contacting a local stone contractor, usually most granite countertop companies either will know what to use or whom to call. but don't experiment unless its on a piece you don't care about

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