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    Unhappy URGENT - Cellar too hot year round!

    please help

    My cellar of a house built in 1890s is way too hot.
    We have had the top walls 1/2 insulated
    We have had the last floor poured so all 4 rooms are cement
    We have had 1 room sheetrocked and doors (so closed off to the others)
    1 1/2 other rooms have the ceiling stapled insulation on the ceiling.
    We heat house with gas
    Gas water heater
    Pipes are NOT insulated
    2 rooms have cellar window access, other 2 blocked off.
    Washer and Dryer are in the closed off room and we have to open all doors to use Plus a dehumidifyer
    In the New England Humid summer and any day of year it is so hot down there you sweat just standing down there.

    My husband is on melt down and so angry about this problem can anyone help me out here.

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    Default Re: URGENT - Cellar too hot year round!

    Look at the sources of the heat. Insulate the hot water pipes to hold the heat in. If the water heat has a pilot light, perhaps time to upgrade to one with electronic ignition. Can this area be roomed off and vented outside? Don't forget to leave a smoke detector in there if you do. May consider putting the washer and dryer in the vented area as well, big source of heat and humidity.

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    Default Re: URGENT - Cellar too hot year round!

    I would agree with kcb.

    This problem is very common in houses that have steam heat.

    You say you heat with gas, but is the heating system steam, forced hot water, forced hot air, or what??

    Steam heat piping has to be insulated or you'll always have a hot cellar.

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