HI everyone I am stumped with this problem I have. I have a washer and dryer on the 2nd floor which is nice to have. The problem is that I have lived in the house for 2.5 years and have had this issue I am about to explain 2 times. It seems that if we wash our bed compforter it seems that the drain (white pvc pipe) leaks enough to make water marks on the ceiling down stairs on the 1st floor. Nothing in the laundry room, floor wall etc is wet at all when this has happened. My wife always uses the "large load" setting even when she is not washing the comforter. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this? Again, this never happens any other time except for when she is washing out bed comphorter. SHe can was 30 loads of clotes and I will not have a hint of a water leak, but when this darn bed spread is washed it will leak. Do washing machines act differently when something like a comforter is being washed? Before I start to take down the ceiling and look at the drain pipe (pvc) i was wondering if anyone had any ideas as this is a weird issue and no common denominator when it happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!