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    Default Fiberglass Windows

    I am looking into building a new home. I live in the Midwest and have spent alot of time doing some research into windows. An excellent website is the www.efficientwindows.org/. Within that website, some of the best windows are all made in Canada and are made from fiberglass. I have several questions:
    1) Has anyone ever heard of these types of windows? What are their experiences with them?
    2) Has anyone ever used any of the manufacturers listed on the website (Accurate, Fibertec, Inline)?

    Thanks, I appreciate the comments/experience.

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    Default Re: Fiberglass Windows

    I live in Scotland and therefore a very different climate to yourself but i recently fitted a fibreglass door and would recommend it to anyone. Being fibreglass it is less likely to expand or contract in hot or cold weather extremes. I've not seen the windows but if they are the same quality as the doors you should never have any problems with them.

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