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    Default 1000 sqft cottage ceiling

    There is a 1000 sqft home in new england that has a second floor with 2 bedrooms and a bath in the center. I am curious, there is a small attic, but I was thinking about removing it and making cathedral ceilings in both bedrooms (obviously so it appears larger). My question is, is this a dumb move? Does the attic help retain heat in the winter and reflect in summer? any suggestions would be appreciated...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: 1000 sqft cottage ceiling

    Anytime you have an air space above the living space, you'll have some insulating capability. I don't think it will affect you too much if you take out the ceiling but you may want to take a look up in the attic to see what kind of work you'll have to do to accomplish it.

    The things that come to mind is wiring that may be running across the ceiling now would probably have to be re-routed, if there's any plumbing running across the ceiling to get to the bath, it'll have to be re-done, and you'll have to consider putting some kind of joist across the ceiling to hold the outside walls together. The ceiling joists give a structural aid to holding the outside walls. Your rafters could be pushing the walls out a little and the ceiling joists currently hold them in. You're going to have to keep the structure sound when you remove the ceiling.

    Also, you'll need to make sure the roof rafters have insulation between them before finishing them off with drywall or wood. Shouldn't be a problem though.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: 1000 sqft cottage ceiling

    Besides the obvious problems with structural integrity, you need to consider that heat rises, the higher the ceiling the farther away from you it is. If you manage to accomplish what you want (suggest advice of structural engineer), when you install insulation at the roof you will still have to allow airflow on the underside of the sheeting which means installing channels from the sofit vents to the peak before insulating.
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