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    Exclamation Clean smoke/soot from foundation

    My home burned last year - a total. After demo there is nothing standing but a 3 sided foundation with a slab tucked into a sandy hillside. Before I start building, I asked around about cleaning the smoke odor and soot stains from all over the foundation. I contacted 3 professional services ... 1 quoted me $4,800 and the other 2 were well over $5,000. They didn't specify what products they used to clean, seal and paint with. That's a lot of money and my insurance didn't come anywhere close to that figure. So ... how can I clean the foundation of its' smoke & soot so there is no smell after the walls are closed up? I'm an electrician and have good mechanical skills. I also have a power washer and access to a neighbors outlets and hose bib. Please, I need a timely answer so reconstructon can begin. [EMAIL=""]
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    Howdy, first contact ins claims person an provide the bids they will evaluate further.. may owe you more or have another bid performed. You can pressure wash the foundation - laying down visqueen and a small pump to get the water out, works but messy. Depending on how sooty. Chemical cleaning sponges available from resotration companies you simply wipe the smoke off. Everyone uses Kills oil based primer sealer to then seal in the smoke after cleaning done.

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