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    Default Saw stop reviews

    Does anyone have positive thoughts on the Sawstop line of tools?

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    Default Re: Saw stop reviews

    Generally they're rated as a decent tool, they're just a tad pricey, considering the cost and inconvenience of having a hand reattached, however, the cost is nominal.

    IMHO, with due care and attention the risks of using a regular tool against a sawstop equipped tool is minimal. The key words, of course, are due care and attention. It only takes a moment's lapse in attention to have catastrophic results.
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    Default Re: Saw stop reviews

    Very nice post with a ton of informative information. I really appreciate the fact that you approach these topics from a stand point of knowledge and information
    instead of the typical “I think” mentality that you see so much on the internet these days.
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