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    Default I've stained my new doors too dark!

    Last night I applied an oil-based stain to 4 new oak interior wooden doors for my home. I applied and wiped the stain off, thinking all was well. When I brought the doors inside today, it's obvious I let the color darken far too much. Is there anything I can do now that the stain is dry to lighten the coloring? Help please - the wife is not too happy!

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    Default Re: I've stained my new doors too dark!

    It depends.

    You could try wiping them down with paper towels or cloth rags well saturated with mineral spirits/paint thinner. Keep the area damp for a couple/few minutes and don't forget to turn the cloth often if some of the stain starts to lift.

    If the mineral spirits doesn't do anything or enough, try some lacquer thinner.

    Or just start out with the lacquer thinner as it's more apt to work.

    Whichever one you use......make sure you do this in a well ventilated area......and no smoking allowed. Particularly so with the LT.

    You could also try using some #000 or #0000 steel wool along with the solvent to aid in the removal. (Don't use anything coarser than #000 as it might scratch the wood)

    Good luck.
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