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    Default how to mill my own quarter log siding

    We are in the process of building our home and have been pricing quarter log siding. We know that the siding we have been looking at is milled from standard 2 x 6 lumber. My question is what type of saw and blades would we need to make our own tonge and groove quarter log siding. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: how to mill my own quarter log siding

    You need a machine called a Moulder (molder) which is a heavy piece of equipment that holds at least one set of shaping blades (there are four-head molders that do all sides of a board at the same time if needed, like to make T&G flooring) that cut the wood to the desired profile when it's fed through. The blades have to be changed to get the different profiles; one molding machine can cut any number of profiles, widths, etc.
    To cut a deep profile like you are describing will take a considerably large HP machine. I'm thinking three-phase power, maybe if you had two regular 240 circuits and had the 3 hp cutter motor on one and the power feed on another it would suffice.
    Now, the log siding I have worked with was shiplap, not T&G, but I guess that's possible. To make it easier, you could do the rabbeting as a separate operation, and then not need a two-head molder.
    The one common homeowner brand of molder is made by Belsaw. OK, I checked and you can get the log siding blade for that machine;
    Good luck.
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    Default Re: how to mill my own quarter log siding

    If all you're looking to do is make T&G, then a good tablesaw with a dado blade will do that. If you're looking to put a curved face on the board to simulate a log, then you'll need a molding cutter with the appropriate cutter head to do that task.
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    Default Re: how to mill my own quarter log siding

    I guess you could also do a series of angle cuts on a table or bandsaw --- then a planer or belt sander to smooth out the profile. It would be time and labour intensive but it could be done with common tools people may already have.
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