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Thread: problem solved

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    I had posted about a problem with my hot water base board banging(water hammer) when the zone shut off. the problem was the new honeywell zone valve that the oil company service put in.
    after 3 house calls for the same problem their lead tech was sent and removed a spring on the valve that assists closing the valve. he said they have received many complaints of this and honeywell said they had changed this spring to a heavier spring. spring is not needed and now I can sleep. hope this helps others if needed and thanks to the people who replied

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    Good to hear you got the problem resolved....and thanks for checking back in. Not too many folks bother to do that.

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    It is nice to hear that the problem you posted about on this string:
    has been resolved.

    You can find your old posts and topic strings by using the drop down menu to navigate to your profile, and from there view your statistics tab; or from any post you have participated in you can click on your display name, and from that drop down menu display a list of all posts you have made previously OR all topic strings you created.

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