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    Question existing concrete porch floor needs update

    Our front porch is concrete with outdoor carpeting on it now. We would like to do something different, not paint. What are some other options besides paint and outdoor carpet?

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    Default Re: existing concrete porch floor needs update

    I am concidering an commercial grade outdoor tile. Proper prep is needed to the concrete before applying the thinset adhesive mortar. A little research on the internet will reveal the correct techniques an materials.Another option I have done in the past is "decking over" the old concrete porch using pressure treated (or composite) decking. There are a few posts on this site discussing the pros and cons of this solution. Drainage and door sill clearance are to me the biggest conciderations with with this.
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    Default Re: existing concrete porch floor needs update

    I'd go with the outdoor tile. It will be long lasting, give you a good surface, and look pretty good. Putting wood over the existing deck can be done but it's work, won't last forever, and will probably take some maintenance every so often. Like Texcan said, you will also have to consider the threshhold height and the surface of the porch with the wood on it.

    If you decide on the tile, just get the carpet off the surface and make sure it's REALLY clean before putting the thinset or grout down. You might even want to consider using a muriatic acid wash first to etch the concrete and give the tile adhesive a good bonding surface.

    Good Luck.

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