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    Default Sliding Screen Doors

    Is there some place that I can get the tracks for a sliding screen door. I have French doors going out to my deck and would love to have screen doors to keep the bugs out durning the cooler months. I can purch the screen doors but cannot find the tracks to put them in.


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    Default Re: Sliding Screen Doors

    You have a pair of meeting swinging french doors and you want to install SLIDING screens? Not usually done as restricts access/egress. Assume your french doors swing IN?.

    Usually presents problems with the threshold drainage when installing yet another threshold especially including tracts. You'd have to have a "stair step" drop from one threshold to the next and have it flashed with a ledge to accept it, would also likely present a trip hazard, if exposed not covered entry additional concerns if you have a winter or storm season. The "tracks" not only a trip hazard potential but whatever supports them on the threshold has to be weight bearing as it can/may be stepped upon or tripped against.

    Although back to your question - storm window/screen combinations are sold for sliding patio doors - such a supplier could lead you to the supplies you are asking for.

    Better options for inswing french doors include RETRACTABLE screens which roll up on a cylinder when retracted not unlike a roller type window shade. These can be the type that are drawn from top down, OR from the side. Some latch into place using a magnetic catch, some a latch, and some with a combination latch and magnetic catch. These screen kits receed into a narrow depth box pocket in OR UPON THE INSIDE of the side jambs or head jambs, some with a small hinged cover door which opens when in use, closes to cover when not in use - These can be found to retrofit for both inswing and outswing french doors.

    Another possibility is if you have inswing doors now is to mount a SET of outswing hinged screen and/or storm doors - again some provision for threshold drainage, threshold extension, jamb extension, trim and flashing usually has to be retrofit and support system for installation as the threshhold extension may be stepped on.

    If you have sliding french style door panels, now, and can extend your jamb and threshold, create a larger step down/mount system proud there are applied storm/screen window/door systems you can acquire from a storm door/storm window dealer which are designed for sliding patio doors.
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