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    Default Decaying log porch posts

    We live in Wisconsin and have a 19 year old insu-log home. Our porch posts are solid log and sit on a slab of cement with treated boards over the cement (due to a misunderstanding with the contractor). The porch boards are cut around the posts. The log posts are rotting from the bottom on up. We don't want to replace the entire log posts, but aren't sure what to do if we try to replace only the bottom 12 inches or whatever amount is decaying. Also, how can we avoid the bottoms sitting in a pool of water when it rains and the water sits on the cement upon which the posts are resting? Thank you for any advice you may be able to give us.

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    Default Re: Decaying log porch posts

    If it were me those posts would be sitting on a raised pier at least 2 or more feet above the concrete pad.
    This would prevent the bottoms from sitting in water from snow melt and rain being splashed on them.
    The piers could be covered with a stone finish which might be appropriate to the style of home.

    2 cents worth.
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