I've never seen a board with so many topics and yet nothing for what I want! I hope this is the most appropriate place to post.

This fall I had a contractor do some concrete work. When it came time for them to poor the concrete the weather had left the lawn rather soaked. The truck tore up the lawn while trying to back in. Also two trees were damaged in the process.

I was upset about the trees and jokingly asked if his insurance would replace them. He answered with a rather sober "no". He did offer to repair the damage to the lawn (which he made sound like he was doing as a favor instead of an obligation). Supposedly he had some sod from another job that they were going to lay down. Weeks went by and they never did.

Snow now covers the area and will remain this way into spring. He sent me a bill for the remainder of the contract.

Is he obligated to repair the damages to my property, can I get him to replace the trees as well? If so, should I be withholding payment of contract until he repairs the damages?