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    Default Coolin / Heating attic space for living

    I purchased a 1950 bungalow with a finished walkup attic.
    The attic is perfect for a bedroom with finished floors and a dormer.

    However it is way too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The house has no soffits. There is a vent that runs across the roof peak the whole lenght of the roof.

    The attic has insulation and 2 small vents on the gable ends.
    I am at a lost on who to cool / heat this space.

    For now we keep the walkup door open to allow heat to rise into the attic but it is just not enough.



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    Default Re: Coolin / Heating attic space for living

    Sounds like a good application for a split system air conditioner for cooling, and perhaps strategically placed gravity floor vents for heat that can be closed for cooling.
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    Default Re: Coolin / Heating attic space for living

    There are so many choices for heating and cooling these days. Call a few contractors after you check them out with your local Consumer Affairs department. Get their opinions, advice, and go from there. You may need to verify proper insulation in your home as well.Good luck!

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