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    Default Rotten toilette footing

    I have a '76 home in washington state. I've been in this house 3 years and keep finding things to fix. Recently I've started updating the master bath. After taking out the toilette to install a tile floor I discovered that the metal footing surrounding the black pipe is rusted through on the right mounting screw. I can see through to the ceiling below - is this an easy fix? I'm eager to learn but haven't done a lot of plumbing work.

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    Default Re: Rotten toilette footing

    The easiest fix would to buy an expanding wedge flange. It is a PVC flange that has a rubber wedge on the bottom. Hopefully the subflorr is still in decent shape. You simply drop it into and over old flange and it sets about 3 inches into the existing pipe. Anchor it to the floor. It has a few screws that draw up the wedge and makes an inside compression seal.

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