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    Default Relocating vents

    Hello, I would like to buy an entertainment unit for my living room but unfortunately that would block both vents on the wall (that's how I get heating and cooling). Recently I had the duct system cleaned/vacuumed out and one of the technicians told me that I can relocate the vents by cutting a hole up on the wall (for a new exit) and using flexible hoses to connect the old and the new vents and then I would just close the old one. Would that work? Please help?!

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    Default Re: Relocating vents

    If these are the supply ducts and are likely located along an outside wall ... I don't think I would be doing that. It's not a good idea to run the supply ducts inside the exterior walls.
    Besides the ducting may be 5 or 6 inch which wouldn't fit inside the cavity with standard framing.
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