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    Default How do I retrofit a new gas insert in an old gas fireplace?

    The dimensions of the space are 5" deep, 27" wide - there is an existing gas line coming out of the floor in the front, although we don't know if it works. How do I choose what insert to buy, and how do we make sure if the gas line is functional?

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    Default Re: How do I retrofit a new gas insert in an old gas fireplace?

    I don't know about your city but I've seen actual fireplace stores in many places, that specialize in gas fireplaces, logs, grates, etc.

    If you can find one of these stores, that'd be the place I'd start with. They have a variety of gas connections, jets, and whatever you'd need. If you don't know if the gas lines are in working condition, you could call your gas company and see if they can come out and tell you if it's OK or not.

    A plumbing company can probably do it too but they'll charge you for the trip whereas the gas company might come out for free. They could also give you some recommendations as to how to accomplish what it is you want to do. I've found they're very informative.

    Good Luck.

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