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    Default Re: Draws to much Power

    A weak power supply in the computer could be making the problem appear worse. They do go bad over time, especially if there has been a lot of voltage fluctuation. Surge suppressors do not protect your computer from voltage drops, but some UPSs do. Replacement power supplies cost around $40-50 and are pretty much universal fit.

    You might also check the tightness of the screws on all the outlets on the circuit where your computer is. A loose connection somewhere on that line could be making the problem worse. And if any of the outlets are "backstabbed" -- that is, the wire goes into a hole in the back -- you should consider redoing it with a sidewire where the wire is wrapped under a screw. (Make sure only one wire per screw.)

    Have the power company check for corrosion on and the tightness of the lugs in the meter base, any intermediate connections, and where the lines come into the electrical panel. You shouldn't do this yourself, since you won't have the ability to shut off the power to these lugs -- it's all upstream of your main breaker or fuses.
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