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    Default Low ceiling air circulation - ceiling fan alternative

    We have two upstairs bedrooms with very low ceilings (7'3"). I have flush mount ceiling fans in each room that circulate the air well, but the blades are uncomfortably low (I am 6'2"). I have been contemplating things like in-line fans in the attic with intake and exhaust vents in the same room; a bathroom vent with light in the center of the room vented back into the corners; and wall or ceiling mounted fixed fans. Do you have any suggestions for air circulation in low ceiling rooms?

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    Default Re: Low ceiling air circulation - ceiling fan alternative


    New to this forum but I had the exact same idea to replace a ceiling fan. Was wondering what your solution was and how it worked?


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    Default Re: Low ceiling air circulation - ceiling fan alternative

    I would suggest using table top fans to move the air around the room rather than piping anything through the attic. By going into the attic, you'll be subjecting the ambient air of the bedroom to the temperatures of the attic. A small table fan can be placed in the corner and set to oscillate which will move the air throughout the room nearly as well as a ceiling fan. The fan can also be put on a switched outlet or timer so that it only runs when you want it to.
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