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    Default Ugly Exterior window located between kitchen and mudroom


    My husband and I are planning on renovating our mudroom. The mudroom is an addition that has managed to maintain several of the original exterior features including siding and exterior window. We are currently unsure of what we want to do with the window. We do not want to replace it with drywall because it lets an appreciable amount of sunlight into the kitchen, and we do not want to make it open air because the mudroom is not heated (although we are considering changing this). Any other suggestions on what we should do? Are there any windows designed for intra-house use? We do not need (or want) it to be able to open.



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    Default Re: Ugly Exterior window located between kitchen and mudroom

    Several options come to mind. You could change out the window for a solid pane of glass to allow the light but eliminate the opening feature. You could install plantation shutters on the inside of the house (not the mudroom side). Those would dress it up and you'd have the option of letting light in (or not). And lastly, you could just remove the window and case the opening to make it a passthrough.

    My two cents.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Ugly Exterior window located between kitchen and mudroom

    An art glass window, or stained glass, or even an etched glass panel.
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