I bought a new house (spring 2007).

1) The contractor's painter spray primed the inside. There is spray paint in many places it shouldn't be, like on the finished BellaWood 3/4" by 3" cherry floors. The contractor used denatured alchohol in some areas - that de-glossed the factory-applied finish. I have tried many things, even Krud Kutter, to remove the paint. What is safe that will work?

2) The contractor created numerous 10" - 12" runs of latex wall paint from an overloaded roller. I've tried a razor blade sc****r, a putty knife and various types of sandpaper - even 3M Drywall Sanding Screens. The sanding process heats the paint and makes it gummy. I'm ready to scream. The paint on the trim looks just as bad. How can I remove these nearly 2-year-old, hardened runs?