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    Default Scuffed trim and doors

    We stripped and varnished(polyeurethane) our yellow pine woodwork and doors several years ago. Now there are several nicks and scratches from over the years. Any easy way to tone down these scratches rather than strip and refinish all over again?

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    Default Re: Scuffed trim and doors

    If it's just surface scratches, you can apply a new coat of poly on the scratches. If they are deeper you can buy matching filler pencils at most hardware or big box stores to fill they lightly sand and apply new coat of poly.
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    Default Re: Scuffed trim and doors

    If you don't want to go through the work of re-varnishing the whole door again, I've used Q-tips as my brush to hit small spots. You can keep recoating the spots if they're small, using the swabs and the nice part is that you don't have any brushes to clean.

    Good Luck.

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