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    Default Popcorn ceiling - repair water stain

    We have corrected a roof leak that stained our living room ceiling, that unfortunately is the old popcorn type. The stain is long (10-12 inches), and runs along a drywall joint. All the popcorn tecture is still in place though. I am wanting to somehow treat the water stain only, without having to repaint the entire ceiling and texture. Is there a way to match up some ceiling paint, and apply it directly to the stain to match the old "yellowed" popcorn texture?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Popcorn ceiling - repair water stain

    If the ceiling is unpainted, you can spray a bleach solution on the stain which will reduce or remove it. If the ceiling is painted, then you'll have to stain block the stain with a lacquer or pigmented shellac then repaint. Color matching the texture will be difficult if not impossible if you don't have more of the original paint used. You might be able to get it close, but not likely perfect. Also, if the ceiling paint is more than a year old it's going to be well coated with dirt and dust so that any new paint you add will stand out. It is likely that you'll have to paint the whole ceiling.
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