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    Default Separating caulk

    I put in a new tub and tiled the shower surround last year. Unfortunately, I didn't know to fill the tub with water before caulking. A few months later the caulk failed and I had to replace it. Hours of work, stripping old caulk, cleaning all surfaces, etc.

    Now, we're another few months in, and the new caulk is separating in one spot (so far). Just a hairline along the tile edge, nbut it's distinct. I don't know what to do about fixing it this time, or prevent it from happening again. I can't re-caulk every six months or so. I used a sanded caulk designed for showers, left the water standing while the grout set ...


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    Default Re: Separating caulk

    cut out the old caulking then clean it up the area with spirits. let it completely dry out. not having a clean surface to caulk to greatly affects the materials ability to bond. also use a mildew resistant silicone
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: Separating caulk

    You might want to try color matched caulk thats specifically made for tubs and showers. You can get close to the exact grout color to match if necessary. Don't buy the cheap stuff. I found that the caulk runs close to $10 a tube for the good stuff. I like to use the sanded caulk.
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