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    Exclamation 70+ year old home has foundation issues

    We recently purchased a old victorian style home to restore. The biggest problem confronting us is to level the home and restore the foundation to a more solid footing. We live in New Mexico in the high desert and our dirt is very sandy and is prone to wash out during the few times we get torrential rainstorms. The home has a stone outer foundation that has fallen in by the steps due to water washing out the dirt from the foundation. The majority of the house is supported by wooden beams set on flagstone bases. There is no termite damage to the beams, and they appear to be solid except where the water has washed out the outer foundation walls. We wish to do the work outselves, time is not an issue, but having never tackled something like this in the past, we are a bit at a losss on how to procede. Has anyone had any experience with this type of problem? There is a root cellar by the washed out foundation, so access is not an issue. Anyone have any suggestions??
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