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    Default Erosion problem due to stream in backyard

    My property is in the Catskill Mountains, NY. A stream runs along the back about 50 feet. The stream is only a few feet wide in the summer when there's no rain. But the stream bed/gully itself is about 20 feet wide. The bank is slowly eroding due to heavy flow in the spring. The bank on my side of the property is about 6-7 feet deep -- part of it slopes and part of it is vertical. On the sloping part, large rocks have been placed from top to bottom and this works, but how do I prevent the erosion on the vertical part? There is not a lot of space between the house and the bank. And getting to the back of the property with any kind of large equipment poses a problem.
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Erosion problem due to stream in backyard

    I would consult with an engineering contractor who has experience with such things. They will be able to offer suggestions to suit your property and needs.
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    Default Re: Erosion problem due to stream in backyard

    If it is a watershed to a navigatable waterway the Army Corps of Engineers may be a free (well you already are paying for it via taxes) resource. Anyway errosion control and other topics are covered extensively through their web site.

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    Default Re: Erosion problem due to stream in backyard

    Check with your locale Soil and Water Conservation office most likely at the County Extension Office. They generally have access to the information you need, the rules and regs, and any government funds that are available for the purpose.
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