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    I'm trying to hang a bifold door in the entrance to my bedroom but the walls are crooked. I have a small studio and wanted more privacy but didn't want a door that opens up to save space. We are using 2X4's to fill in the space since the door is 3 inches smaller than the space.In the process of hanging the door we found the space is one inch wider at the ceiling than the floor. We have a 1 inch gap due to the crooked wall. How can we fill that gap? Keep in mind I'm trying to keep this a inexpensive do it myself project that is by no means professional and I don't want to hire someone if possible

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    How about putting the 2x4 against the bottom and plum it up with a level. That will give you a door frame with two parallel sides. Put the 2x4 on the bottom, the distance from the other side of the door jamb to fit your door.

    Now you can fill in the wedge shaped gap where the door frame is wider at the top. You could use either drywall or plywood to fill in the gap. To keep it cheap and simple you can just fill the crack with caulk or some filler.

    Good Luck.

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    Forget the 2x4's.

    Use a 1x and cut it to the same width as the wall, theoretically that is 4-1/2" +/- a 1/8". Now take trim with a 45* bevel on the top end and attach it on each side of the 1x to make a trough, then slip the trough over door jamb and plumb it up. Make a second trough for the other side. Now cut the head piece trim to fit the opening.

    This method will allow you to size the opening however you like, yet maintain the look of a finished doorway. No drywall to fill in, no mess, other than finishing the new jamb and trim.
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    I agree with A. Spruce.
    Build a trough out of 1 x material like the picture below. Make the inside demension slightly wider than the thickness of the wall. Slid it on the wall, adjust to plumb. and nail in place through the sides into the wall. Hang you door and slip the 2nd trough on the other side and adjust to clearance for that side of the door. Then finish out the top to complete the door trim.
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