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    Default white spots on black laminate

    I have black laminate countertops. I think from Ikea and they have recently developed large areas that looked bleached out. I don't know how because I don't have any bleach in the kitchen. I use 409 kitchen cleaner and it never left spots before. The areas seem just as smooth still as the other areas so I don't think anythings been rubbed off. When I wet the areas they go black again and then dry back to the lighter color. Any ideas how I can fix this?
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    Default Re: whit spots on black laminate

    Unfortunately, once laminate loses its surface, there's nothing left to revitalize. It may have been a thin layer on top of the plastic and you've worn through it. It may be time to get a new countertop. Laminate is the least expensive and granite/stone is on the other end of the price scale. You could go to a home center and get a look at all the choices and make a decision based on your budget and what's out there.

    Good Luck.

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