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    We purchased a ranch style brick home with a crawlspace. The home was built in 1964 from the ground up. The kitchen and family room run together which were sagging somewhat. There were two areas in the adjoining living room close to the rooms just mentioned where the floor was buckled. We had floor jacks put under the sagging floors and the rest of the house leveled by a contractor. They are not responsible if the walls crack, which hasn't happened yet although now the hallway floor is buckling. The home had wall to wall carpeting when we bought it. The kitchen family room started to sag after we put furniture and refrigator in. We have lived here for two years now. Question; What causes floors to buckle like this and will things get worse? What will we have to do if they get worse? Cover with carpet! Out of sight out of mind.

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    I'd get an engineer to crawl under the house and determine if additional girders are needed and if the ones that hold the house up now are appropriate. Something smells fishy.
    Termites under there perhaps???
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