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    Default Re: Received a shock froum the ground (dirt) outside my house

    You are going to have to do some detective work. Since you know what breaker stops the problem, you need to begin at the breaker panel and try to trace the wire to each outlet. Somewhere, you are likely to find a wire with worn insulation that is touching either to other (neutral) wire or ground. FIX IT! This is a dangerous situation that could cause serious injury or death. Most older homes do not have GFI protection, and many do not even have a third ground wire installed. If in doubt, call an electrician to find the problem. The money you save on wasted electricity usage alone will make it worth the effort.

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    Default Re: Received a shock froum the ground (dirt) outside my house

    Thanks Vern,

    The other day I took apart every switch and light fixture, there is no outlets on this circuit. I did find a wire that was not tied together very well and did have some exposed wire that I thought could be causing the problem. After fixing it, I turned off all circuits except the one causing the problem. With all lights off the meter still ran, but not as fast as before. It just creeps along. This was the only way to check to see if I fixed the problem, due to the fact the ground is frozen and dry. I am not sure if the meter slowed down because I fixed what might be part of the cause of the problem or if it was because the ground is now frozen and dry.

    My next step is to check the light fixture again, just to make sure it stayed together properly after remounting it. Then wait for the ground to get wet again and test it again with a volt meter. After that it is time to call an electrician.

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