I'm in quite a predicament here and any help would really be appreciated.

Our old stucco and cedar shake house really needed a paint job and we finally decided that this was the year to do it, since painting prices seem to have come down significantly in our area. After looking around and getting several estimates, we settled on a large, nationwide company to do the job. This company has a two year warranty on their job and carries insurance.

We settled on the colors with a colorist and the manager for the local branch of this company wrote up a proposal, breaking down the different components of the house, how many coats they will do on it and the type of paint they will be use. For the stucco (which was done about 10 years ago and has never been painted or primed), I wanted them to use an elastomeric paint and he agreed that that would be the best product to use.

Fast forward to yesterday. The painters had been here for a week painting and the house was looking great. In fact, the house was almost finished. Here's the problem: To make a long story short, I found out that somebody made a mistake and did not use an elastometic paint on the stucco until after it was all painted. (I truly believe that this was an innocent oversight and not an attempt to rip us off.) The elastomeric paint that was supposed to be used was a primer and paint in one. Instead, they used just regular house paint and nothing was primed. So, basically, the situation we have is we have one layer of regular house paint that was rollered over unprimed stucco.

I am extremely concerned that the stucco on our house only has a layer of regular paint on it -- No primer, no elastomeric paint. I have called several painting stores and talked to a couple of handymen that I know. The answers I get are conflicting, ranging from "It's just fine. Don't worry about it" to "Oh, no. I don't know what to tell you. Someone's going to have to sandblast and paint or redash your house. You can't put elastometic over it now because it won't adhere."

My question is, what is the real story on this? Is it OK the way it is? If not, what should be done to make sure that we are not going to have a problem with peeling and cracking? The manager admits that he made a mistake and sheepishly said to me this morning, "Well, we do have the two year warranty. If any peeling or cracking will happen it will probably happen within that time." I'm not buying it and I think he knew that wasn't going to fly. I told him I needed to do some research today and get back to him. I can see that he is sweating over this.

If it were you, what would you do and what would you ask to be done/paid for by the painting company. If I'm off my rocker, please feel free to say so. I don't want to be a jerk and ask for something I'm not entitled to, but I also want to make sure the job is done correctly and I am not going to run into major problems in the future.

If painting, working with stucco in some capacity, etc. is your expertise, can you tell me about your background with you answer.

Thank you so much in advance!