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    I have condensation on the inside of my outside walls in my 60's built ranch in Connecticut. The condensation is from the ceiling down about 2 inches. I know I need a bit more insulation in the attic and will use proper vents but will that take care of the condensation on my outside walls? I also have continuous soffet vents along with a ridge vent and gable end vents.
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    It could be caused by the insulation in the walls settling. Warm moist air and cold areas of wall = condensation.

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    As for venting .... while this is benifical for the attic space itself it really won't help with this particular issue.
    The top of the wall frame structure where it meets the ceiling structure is usually the area that is inadequately insulated. The insulation in the attic should cover the top of the wall frame instead of just butting up to it.

    What's happening is the warm moisture laden air within your living space is being attracted to the coldest area. When it meets the colder surface it condenses forming the moisture you're seeing. By insulating the top of the wall frame .... up in the attic .... this will keep that area warm reducing the chance of condensation forming.

    The other thing to consider is check the Relative Humidty ( RH ) level inside your home. I'm suspecting it may also be on the high side .... 50+ %.
    If it is this level or higher take steps to try and reduce it down to at least 40% or lower .... depending on outside temperatures. The colder the outside temperatures the lower the RH should be inside your home.

    Hopefully this helps.
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