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    Question Brass Bathroom fixtures

    I would like to update my master bathroom and remove all of the brass fixtures and bring the bathroom more up to date in color. It will be a big cost to replace all of the items and was curious if anyone has had any success in painting over the brass with a more updated color.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


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    Default Re: Brass Bathroom fixtures

    I'm not to sure how painting the fixtures would hold up but if you wanted to save a little money you may be able to replace the handles and escution plates in the shower/tub if you have a name brand valve. A plumbing supply house could probably help you out with that. The sink faucet would probably need to be completely replaced though.

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    I have attempted to sand brass and paint it and it simply does not hold up. Whereever it is touched, the paint will flake off. I actually tried several different variations, including clear coating over the paint, and none worked. I will mention that this was all done with cabinet hardware and not plumbing, but I imagine the outcome will be the same.

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