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    Default New Cooling System or Not?

    My house is 21 years old and the furnace needs to be replaced. The previous owner installed a cooling system about 10 years ago. The system is adequate for the size of the house and sufficiently cools the house when needed. My family has found however that we rarely need the AC system. Although it gets pretty hot in Colorado (We live at 5000ft-ASL elevation) it generally cools off in the evening hours. We often use a whole house fan for a couple of hours in the evening before retiring to adequately cool the house. On average the AC is used 1-2 weeks per year. Many of the bids I've received from heating /cooling companies provide a reasonable price for replacemnt of both the furnace and cooling system. Should these units be replaced at the same time to capitalize on pricing and improved efficientcy? Is there any disadvantage in replacing the furnace and leaving the older but seldom used AC? (We intend to stay in house for the long term). Any advice will be appreciated! djh

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    Default Re: New Cooling System or Not?

    The furnace and air conditioning units are two distinct and separate units sharing only the thermostat, duct work, and the blower. Why replace a unit that you seldom use if it is adequate and in good repair. No more that you use it the increase in efficiency or inital savings on the package is unlikely to pay for itself.
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