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    Question sheathing: nails vs screws

    My roof is 20 years old, so I am getting the asphalt shingles replaced. Over the years I have noticed little bumps in the roof surface from the 1x6 sheathing coming a little in spots. While the shingles are off, I want screws added at places of high risk instead of just new nails. But contractors and my city inspector look at me strangely. Is this really such a strange idea? It sounds reasonable to me. Aren't screws better than nails at holding two pieces of wood together?

    Cost is not an issue yet because no one will quote it that way. I have read that this is done in Florida because of hurricanes, so I know there is some logic to my idea. I just can't find someone to do it. I just know that if I get a new roof now, in a few years I'll see more bumps.

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    Default Re: sheathing: nails vs screws

    its pretty common for contractors to renail down the sheathing boards on a roof when its getting reshingled, the old boards will come loose with all the prying. as for using screws its almost unheard of, way more money for the screws, 2 -3 times longer than air nailing. most of the homes we do we will pepper the old boards with air nails to the rafters then put down a fresh layer of 1/2" osb so to have a gap free base for the shingles

    - instead of asking for screws simply say you want the boards renailed with the bostich hurricane rated ring nails for sheathing. they have much better holding power than a smooth shank nail and the head is the diameter of a siding nail with the gauge of metal that a spike has. youll far better chance of getting this than the screws
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