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Hi, all,

My wife and I just bought our first house. It's a 95 year old Colonial twin that was a total rehab. We just learned yesterday that our soil stack is leaking from the second floor bathroom (the only bathroom in the house) into the basement. There's quite a bit of water after a shower or flushing the toilet.

The pipe runs from the basement, behind some kitchen counters and wall, up to the second floor bath. We had a bunch of plumbers round today to give some estimates. Most were around $2,000. The lowest one - who happened to be the guys who spent the most time at the house and were the most pleasant to deal with, overall - brought their carpenter out to take a look. They seemed to think the best option is to open the outside wall. They want to remove some of the vinyl siding and what's underneath that to get to the pipe. Pipe replacement is $1,200 and the carpentry/siding work is $600. Does that seem reasonable?

I was a tiny bit concerned about the outside wall option since one of the other plumbers made a big stink about I shouldn't let anyone do something like that and that it could really mess up my house.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I was actually just trying to stay out of the Internet slap fight that evolved from my question. Sorry to have caused so much agitation here.

You are correct that we made our decision. We decided to go through the exterior with a contractor who is a close friend of the family. They were kind enough to drive two hours each way to help us out as first-time homeowners and come back this morning at the break of dawn to get started.

It looks like were lucky. The break in the stack was right above the subfloor where the pipe enters the basement, hence no significant water damage. They replaced a section of the cast iron with PVC, supporting it up higher. They were also nice and replaced some of the cheaper fernco couplings with the better kind.

Thanks for everyone's help and advice! I'll be back with lawn questions, I'm sure, when we get ready to tackle that huge project in the spring.
Great news Billy! Seems they were able to do the work from above the rim/band joist near the basement? Good news, it wasn't from the 2nd floor afterall and limited cleanup. Unfortunate the former used wrong coupling Lucky indeed to have a good friend connection so you didn't get taken for a "ride" while you were in crisis.