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    Default Cold 2nd Floor Bathroom

    I have an upstairs bathroom that is over my garage and in the winter it is very cold. I have had extra insulation blown into the space above the garage below the bathroom, but it is still colder than the rest of my upstairs. To compound the problem, the heating duct is mounted high on the wall and does not seem to be blowing very warm air into the bathroom when the furnace is running. Any ideas on how to get the bathroom warmer? BTW, I use a space heater plugged into an outlet by the sink, but am not happy to have the heater sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor in order to keep it from getting wet.

    Some extra information. 2 story home with basement and forced air gas heat with separate zone for 1st and 2nd floor, large bathroom with vaulted ceiling. We use a setback thermostat with overnight temp at 62 which starts rising to 68 2 hours before we get up in the morning.

    Any help or ideas appreciated!

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    Default Re: Cold 2nd Floor Bathroom

    You insulated the ceiling above the bathroom...right?

    The duct work is towards the ceiling? Can you open the wall way lower down and tap a new register there closing it off to ehere it goes now?
    How many bends are in that ductwork? Do you know? Might be too many elbows.
    Too bad you don't need a new tile could add radiant heat into it...that's do it if all is insulated around the walls and celing.
    A ceiling fan ona very low speed can help too blowing the heat down.
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    Default Re: Cold 2nd Floor Bathroom

    the biggest mistake is having the heat blowing out up high, none of the heat will hit the floor. you can install an electric toe kick heater under the vanity with a timing switch on the wall to give you some additional heat. you can also change your bath fan into a fan/heater to give you some additional heat. also, check the duct work that runs to that bathroom, maybe it's not insulated and by time the air gets to the bathroom it's already cooled off. i love the redo the floor with radiant idea, that would be the best but also cost the most.

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