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    Default wallpaper backsplash


    I have a few rolls of textured wallpaper...and I want to use it as a backsplash above the sink and over the electric cooktop. I want to use a metallic paint over this going to be a problem for washability or for used over the cooktop?? It's a pretty heavy paper...I think it's vinyl? The label says "embossed wallcovering".

    Thank you!!


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    Default Re: wallpaper backsplash

    Hi Mary,

    Did you already hang the wallpaper? I don't think it is your best option. Save the wallpaper for another future project. It will get too dirty, and even with the paint, you will be wiping and washing it too much and it will get warn out. A better option would be to install a non-porous tile backsplash. You can get some inexpensive closeout, discontinued, or clearance tile for the backspalsh.
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