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    I have exsisting concrete patio and would like to put in a paver patio. CanI put 4 inch of compacted sand and 1 inch of loose sand over the concrete. I don't really want to tear up the concrete and haul it out.

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    I see several issues:

    1) is your existing patio in good shape? Don't go to the trouble and expense of putting a new layer on a patio that is cracked, heaved, or improperly graded for your new application (or hasn't been there long enough for you to evaluate whether those conditions exist).

    2) what kind of edge is/will be around the patio? Will a new layer be able to drain past the concrete, or will you have a lot of standing water? If there's no edge, will the pavers stay where you put them or shift?

    3) is your existing patio so low that you really want to add six inches elevation?

    These are the questions that come to mind when reading your question. I don't have personal expertise in this - when I replaced concrete with pavers it was a gift from my mom that allowed me to hire a contractor to jackhammer the concrete, haul it away, regrade, lay pavers, insert plastic paver retainers, and backfill. Even then, I've had to go back and lift several pavers due to natural settling and chipmunks...

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