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    Default Decorative Electrical Molding

    Can anyone direct me to a source or manufacturer of decorative electrical molding products? I have an older home with plaster and lathe wall construction. We are looking for a hollow electrical molding product that looks like quarter round or other trim pieces to sit atop the existing mop board. This will allow is to rewire without tearing in to the walls. Please advise. Thank you.

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    Google "wiremold" and you'll find all kinds of things. I would recommend going to an electrical supply house rather than the local Home Cheapo for more selection and better quality products.
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    Default Re: Decorative Electrical Molding

    I've installed abour five thousand feet of Wiremold and although it is tedious work to install it and rather expensive($5 per box and $1 per foot not including the THHN wire) it does blend fairly well if you do it right. Install it just above the baseboard and in corners. It is a lot cheaper then cutting walls or tearing off molding etc because of the repair work. I probably have several miles of Wiremold in my apartment building and I have yet for anyone to comment on it or even ask what it is. The prices will be the same at either Home Depot or a supply house because it is a patented product and price controlled and the selection will be exactly the same.

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